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Launch is LIVE!!

And be sure to watch the video.


At Temple of Honey, we believe you are your own healer, guru and teacher. It is through your own innate wisdom that you come into your soul's expression. Here, spirituality and community merge without dogma or requirements. Our goal is to uplift the voices of our community, seeing the benefit of each perspective. We facilitate and curate experiences that evoke awe and expression as you practice merging your own self into the whole of oneness.

Image by Raimond Klavins

40 Days of Love

Online course and community



We gather as a community, centered in our hearts, to explore what it means to be human. Together we find belonging, support and expression through embodiment, ceremony, the arts and more. Our goals is to craft spaces of safety and service that uplift and inspire.


We need your help seeding this community gathering place. Every dollar helps.

Some of our Offerings...

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Group Classes

We host and curate a variety of classes- tai chi, somatic breath, embodied movement, sumi ink, tango, burlesque, improv; you name it.  We believe our community thrives when we connect through moments of authentic expression.


Honey Lounge

The Honey Lounge is a place for shared discovery, community conversations, themed discussions, artist showcases, and so much more...

Come for the community, or just come to enjoy our extensive tea list! (Hopefully both)

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Whether its Jungian Archetypal Theater, a night of mythology expressed through dance, a curated art experience, or an intimate poetry night, we host and co-host premiere events where culture and spirituality intersect in Salt Lake City.

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It is our belief that we are all The Great Creator, and as such, are able to find our own enlightenment. Our position as facilitators is to provide keys to open doors to this, to safely guide you through, to give you aide on your journeys. A steady hand, a warm embrace, an open ear- on every plane.

Images by Isabelle Mary, Li Michelle  & Garrett Martin


We offer multiple membership options to fit your needs.

Learn more about the classes we curate and offer. 

Join our community
community Spotlight

We highlight community members from all walks of life. We celebrate our artists, our earth builders, community leaders, the courageous of heart and people who just give a damn. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear their stories while plugging into the Temple of Honey community.


The Heart of Our Community

We send you twice monthly emails created to support you in living a life of wholeheartedness. We feature community leaders, creators, classes, events, inspiration and ways you can get involved. 

Thank you! We look forward to nurturing this relationship. If you don't recieve an email from us check your promotions or your spam folder. Thank you!

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